Smallholder farmers are at the heart of our business model

We support and source from more than 100 smallholder families, based in Butajira, our flagship site in Ethiopia. GreenPath has accelerated its growth since 2017 and looks forward to working from other Ethiopian and East African sites soon. 

Wherever we work, we believe that smallholder farms can and should work better for farmers, for the environment, and for our global food systems. 

Meet some of our partner farmers

Hanna Mengistu and her husband have a family of 9, three of whom work on the farm. They currently have 70 avocado trees with 6 different varieties all of which they supply to GreenPath.

Getu Kebede.jpg

Getu Kebede is the head of household for a family of 7. Four of the family members contribute to farming activities. He owns 25 avocado trees. He has been one of GreenPath's top Partner Farmers in adopting and implementing permaculture on his land.

Aregeweyne Fereja and her husband have a family of 8, five of whom work on the farm. They own 20 avocado trees that supply GreenPath, and have planted a host of new perennial crops on their farm.