organic speciality chilli peppers

Chilli peppers are believed to have first arrived to Ethiopia from Portugal, between 1520 and 1770. That they have not always grown here is hard to believe, given how ubiquitous the fruits are on plates across the country. They are the hallmark of the country’s open air ingredient markets, most famously in Harar, Addis and Axum. No less, a recent study showed that the average Ethiopian consumes 15g of chilli pepper every single day.

Three hundred years on, Ethiopia is the second largest chilli pepper producer in the world. Grown and harvested by GreenPath Partner farming families for 365 days a year. 

All of our chilli peppers are certified as organic to the EU standard.



GREENPATH speciality chilli peppers INCLUDE


Mitmita can be considered the cornerstone of traditional Ethiopian cooking. The pepper is piquant, small and fiery. It brings the distinctive kick to both berbere and shiro spice blends, where it is combined with salt, ginger, fenugreek and more. These chilli peppers sit short on the plant at only two to three cm and are harvested a bold green. Off the plant they ripen to a distinctive, full red and are then often dried and ground. Rich in vitamins A and C.  


Spice traders on the streets of Addis, Harar or Axum will tell you the same: the best chillies in Ethiopia come from Mareko. This small region (woreda) in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia is situated within an hour of our flagship site, Butajira. The chilli varieties found here are propagated on the volcanic soil of the Rift Valley, bringing together the right balance of heat and dryness. Larger and milder than mitmita, Mareko chillies are most frequently seen being ordered with a traditional Ethiopian platter, beyanetu, at lunchtime.