What gets us up every morning? Our belief that GreenPath is improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in East Africa, making happier and healthier consumers, and contributing to solving a pressing global challenge. At GreenPath, we see an incredible opportunity to achieve our aspirations. Here's why:

Transforming the livelihoods of smallholder farmers

Smallholder farmers represent some of the world's poorest, yet they are also arguably some of the hardest working. GreenPath empowers smallholder farmers through a direct partnership model that utilises their inherent knowledge of organic farming and provides training, access to facilities and access to markets to increase their farm productivity and income. 

We have observed that the increased income from growing fruits and vegetables incentivizes farmers to diversify from growing cereals in a mono-cropped system to a produce-based inter-cropped polyculture that is healthier and more productive. With more delicious produce at farms, GreenPath Partner Farmers can eat better, be healthier and be happier. 

Ultimately, we can work towards transforming the lives of smallholder farmers.

Making happier and healthier consumers

When people eat better, they're healthier and happier. Not to mention, they'll likely live longer. That's why consumers around the world today are increasingly demanding organic, sustainably-farmed produce. 

At GreenPath, we believe in eating well and want to bring consumers the best organic, exotic, and delicious produce possible. We'll never use dangerous chemicals or  non-renewable farming practices to grow our fruits and vegetables.














Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rod_waddington/8108226678