GreenPath increases supply of fresh, high-quality, nutritious food by empowering and incentivising smallholder farmers to into sustainable, organic production


Support Smallholder Farmers

GreenPath supports and improves the production of food on Partner Farms, growing greater amounts of fruit and vegetables by using organic, bio-diverse, and environmentally sustainable farming practices. Increased fruit and vegetable yields lead to higher incomes, and incentivize farmers to move away from growing less nutritious crops that require increasingly expensive synthetic chemicals and pesticides, that leave harmful side effects on land and human health. With more nutritious foods on their farms, our farmers also eat more healthily at home.

Increase Food Supply

Smallholder farmers are a relatively untapped source of potential to meet the fast growing food needs of our planet. Sustainably raising production from smallholder farms across the world will improve food security for farmers and broader society. GreenPath empowers our Partner Farmers supporting their transition to techniques that increase food production while reducing dependence on synthetic inputs.

Promote Sustainability

GreenPath is committed to only growing healthy and nutritious food in a manner that adds to the natural environment, unlike conventional agriculture which degrades the environment. We train our partner farmers on organic, bio-diverse techniques that eliminate the use of non-renewables, like chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

THROUGH OUR INNOVATIVE MODEL, WE DIRECTLY ADDRESS 4 out of the 8 united nations millennium development goals

At GreenPath, we're committed to measuring and reporting the impact of our work

To report a yield improvement for our Partner Farmers without understanding the broader regional trends would be lazy, unscientific, and misleading. This is especially true in the agriculture sector as productivity is so dependent on weather conditions and the presence of pests. Year-to-year comparisons are invalid unless critical external factors are accounted for. 

We are committed to reporting the impact on the agricultural productivity of our Partner Farmers, as well as their quality of life, and the impact on the surrounding environment. GreenPath collects data on the performance of both Partner Farms and other farms in the area to better understand the unique impact GreenPath's support has had.

Over time, we will make annual aggregated statistics publicly available, so that we, our Partner Farmers, our friends, and the broader community understand where we have succeeded and failed.