An avocado is a nutrient-dense superfood that can be eaten alone, mashed into a creamy guacamole, or blended into a delicious juice or smoothie. Once referred to as “poor man’s butter,” today avocados are highly demanded by various consumer segments for their taste, flavour, and rich content of omega-3 oils, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


GreenPath’s premium avocados are grown organically and sustainably by partner farmers in Ethiopia’s nutrient-rich, volcanic Rift Valley soil. Our application of best-practice organic farming techniques and fantastic growing conditions create avocados with uniquely robust flavours and rich, creamy texture. The healthy skin and ample size of our avocados make for a beautiful display of the best of natural farming.


We offer five of the highest quality international varieties of avocados:


The most well-known premium avocado variety, our organic Hass has robust flavour, creamy texture, and pebbly skin that turns deep purple when ripe. Available May through October.


Originally a cross between native Mexican and Guatemalan varieties, our organic Fuerte offers a rich nutty flavour, creamy texture, and maintains green colour while ripening. Available May through October.


One of the rarest avocado varieties, our organic Nabal is distinctively large and round with exceptional quality flesh that is creamy and greenish-yellow in color. Available May through October.


Similar to Fuerte, our organic Ettinger has a delicious nutty flavour, creamy texture, and a smooth green exterior. Available April through August.


Our organic Pinkerton has a distinctive pear shape, strong earthy flavour, and a relatively small pit providing for a generous amount of delicious flesh to enjoy. Available December through April.

  Organic Nabal avocados, ready to be harvested.


Organic Nabal avocados, ready to be harvested.