1. promoting PERMACULTURE AND organic farming practices

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GreenPath has designed a number of Permaculture for the Smallholder programmes. These offer our Partner Farmers complementary crops to sow together, eliminating the need for synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Alongside this, GreenPath's Farmer Training Officers support Partner Farmers with fortnightly visits, training them in application of GreenPath permaculture systems on their farms.

Furthermore, all the crops that GreenPath grows with farmers are nutritious, edible and marketable. This means we are improving the nutrition of our Farmers as well as our consumers. 

2. opening access to resources and training

A GreenPath Farmer Service Centre (FSC) is an Input and Output hub that provides shared services to a farming community

In the centre of the areas that we work in we build Farmer Service Centres to support geographical clusters of our farmers.

Here, Partner Farmers can access demonstration areas, composting facilities, cold stores for their harvest, packhouse facilities and offices. From here, product travels by cold truck to Bole Airport. 

3. building good, green marketplaces

We invest our time and energy in building warm, long-term relationships with international organic buyers.

In order to return sustained, increased incomes to our Partner Farmers we look to build relationships for the long haul. Currently, we export principally to MENA and Europe.

We ensure full traceability and transparency standards across our entire operation, using QR codes on all production land and trees.